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Purina Prime™ Dog Chews & Treats

Tasty dog chews and tender meaty treats made to satisfy your dog’s taste for adventure.

Give Your Dog a Taste of Adventure.

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Explore a world of dog chews and treats made with proteins dogs love and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Save now on Purina Prime™ Treats!

Tasty treats & chews made with proteins dogs love.

A taste of adventure in every bite.

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Nobody knows what dogs love like Purina. With Prime treats and chews, Purina brings them a taste of adventure in three flavourful varieties: Prime Bones, Prime Bones Mini Knotted Chews, and Prime Bits. We’d love to tell you more.

Everything your dog wants in a rawhide-free chew and nothing you don’t.

We know you worry about the hazards of treating with rawhides, real bones and plastics. That's why PRIME BONES doesn't contain those things. Just safe, naturally-edible ingredients your dog will love in a rawhide alternative dog chew.

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