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Puppies have different nutritional needs than healthy adult dogs.

And for their first one to two years of life, puppies need a food that is formulated with specific nutrients for healthy growth and development. Every Puppy Chow recipe includes essential puppy nutrients to help lay the foundation for a long and active life.

What Makes Puppy Nutrition (and Puppy Chow) So Special?

Here are a few ways that puppies’ nutritional needs differ from those of healthy adult dogs.

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Puppies require even more protein than adult dogs.

That’s why every Puppy Chow recipe features high protein and is made with high quality-protein sources like real chicken.

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Puppies benefit from DHA to support proper brain and vision development.

Puppy Chow sources this important fatty acid from fish oil to help our pups’ brains and eyes be as healthy as they can be!

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Puppies need an optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio for proper bone growth.

Puppy Chow recipes are formulated with the right levels of calcium, phosphorus, and other important minerals to support healthy joints and proper bone and teeth development.

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Puppies need healthy levels of antioxidants to aid their developing immune systems.

Every Puppy Chow recipe is balanced with antioxidants that our pups need to be at their best — including vitamins E and C.

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Puppies also require more energy from food to fuel overall growth.

That’s why Puppy Chow recipes are formulated to be calorie-dense and full of the high-quality ingredients needed to keep up with the demands of puppies’ rapidly growing bodies.

Essential Puppy Nutrition for their First Year

How Will I Know When My Puppy is Ready for Adult Nutrition?

As a general rule, dogs that are less than one year of age are considered puppies, and it is important during that year that they are being fed a specially formulated dog food for puppies. There is some variation, however. Large and giant breed dogs are considered puppies until two years of age.

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