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If you’re looking for a natural pet food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients, look Beyond. Our natural ingredients are carefully sourced. Our quality and safety measures are never left to chance. And when it comes to natural nutrition, we never compromise.


Beyond isn't just our name, it's our philosophy and commitment. We offer natural pet food, thoughtfully derived from nature and go beyond by finding trusted sources, to help support a vibrant life of wellness for your dog or cat. Every ingredient, every recipe, every batch and bite.

Natural Pet Food Done Right

Raw chicken, egg, and apple
Our Ingredients

When we say every ingredient has a purpose, we mean it. Every ingredient in our recipes is honestly sourced and carefully selected to deliver nutrients your pet needs, naturally.

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You can trust that every recipe is backed by our in-house pet nutritionists and a traceability guarantee that traces every ingredient back to our trusted sources.

Brown dog
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Trusted Sources

My dog definitely loved the taste of Beyond. I have never seen her eat her food so fast! It is nice to know that the ingredients can be traced to trusted sources.

Reviewed By: - LYN_S_MB
Grey cat
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Cats Loved this Product

My cats LOVED this product! When they heard the can opening, they came running and lapped it up in minutes.

Reviewed By: - CANDACE_D_ON
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