Purina Quality Pet Food

We believe high-quality pet nutrition starts with understanding nutrients, not just ingredients.

Helping your pet live his best life means we formulate our pet food based on a smart blend of nutrients that supports your pet’s overall health.

Crafted in Purina-Owned Facilities

Crafted in Purina-Owned Facilities in the USA
We craft 99% of our pet products right here in North America so we can keep a close eye on every step. We know exactly what goes into every batch, who made it, when it was made and where it was going. With quality being our top priority, we provided pet nutrition to over 3.7 million Canadian homes last year.

Quality Sourcing Makes Quality Food

Quality Sourcing Makes Quality Food

Quality ingredients start at the source. Purina works with vendors from various geographic regions, but the vast majority of our product ingredients are sourced in North America.



We trace every single ingredient that passes through our doors to its original batch. Our experts evaluate every detail of our ingredients’ origin – from weather patterns to air quality to livestock management practices and perform over 100,000 quality checks per day.

We Don’t Meet Standards, We Surpass Them

Ensure High Quality Ingredients

Did you know that pet food formulation is held to stricter standards than most human food?

This is because pet food makes up your pet’s entire diet, so it has to deliver all of the nutrients your pet needs. That’s why pet foods often use the phrase “complete and balanced” in reference to their products.

As members of the Pet Food Association of Canada (PFAC), we ensure that our products comply with the guidelines for the Canadian Pet Food Industry. These guidelines include The Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) guidelines, which encourage pet food companies to conduct feeding trials to make sure that their foods result in positive outcomes for real pets.

At Purina, industry standards are just a starting point. Not only do all of our products meet these standards, but most of them go beyond the requirements to provide optimal nourishment for pets. We take pride in making sure our foods help pets thrive.

Leadership in Technology

Since our company’s founding over eighty years ago, we’ve taken a leadership role in our use of technology to provide the safest possible products. One such use of technology, near-infrared (NIR) analysis, has helped us evaluate our ingredients before they ever enter our facilities. While we didn’t invent this technology, our adaptation of it has proven so successful we’ve shared it with other companies, including pet food companies, knowing how much it could benefit pets and their owners.