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It starts with understanding your pet and the nutrients they need to live their best life. As a result, our pet food is more than just a mix of ingredients.

We formulate our pet food based on a smart blend of ingredients to provide the nutrients that support your pet’s overall health.


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Quality ingredients start at the source. Some pet food brands are content with buying straight off the shelf from their suppliers, but we demand more.

That’s why we trace every single ingredient that passes through our doors back to our trusted sources. Our experts monitor
every detail of our ingredients and their origins—from weather patterns to air quality to livestock management practices.


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We craft 99% of our pet products in North America so we can keep a close eye on every step of the process.
We know exactly what goes into every batch, who made it, when it was made and where it’s going.

How Our Dry Pet Food Is Made

Quality check

When ingredients arrive at one of our 20 North American facilities, they are inspected by
our Quality Assurance Staff. Every ingredient is inspected for quality
before it goes into your pet’s food.

Graphic displaying mixing procedure

Once inside, our ingredients are mixed in just the right proportions according
to each product’s recipe. Wet ingredients are then added to dry to form a dough.
The dough is then cooked and extruded into its kibble shape.

Graphic displaying drying process

The kibble pass through a dryer and are ready to fill the bags.

100K quality checks per day

After our food passes thousands of quality & safety checks,
it’s ready for your pet’s bowl.

When we source our ingredients, we keep the environment in mind. See How.


“Don’t talk about your abilities – demonstrate.”

— William Danforth, Purina Founder