We’re all in this together, including our pets.

Find out what Purina is doing to help keep the food bowls (and litter boxes) of your pets full during this time of uncertainty. 

Black dog sitting next to bag of Purina ONE dog food
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars

We purchased this formulation because of the ingredients. Our #1 family member wasn't enjoying her food. She loves the different textures and flavors. She even tosses it and catches it like an excited young puppy. We are so relieved to see her happy with good nutritious food.

Reviewed By: Robbie
Woman touching noses with her cat next to bag of Beyond cat food
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars

My cat loves this food so much that I can use it as a “treat” during her clicker training sessions. It’s made out of the good stuff so I don’t worry that I’m feeding her junk that’s not good for her.

Reviewed By: Mich21

What Guides Us

We shape the future of Health and Wellbeing for pets & people through three simple pursuits.

Woman holding black dog
Pets Are Our Passion

We are connecting pets and people. We are building strong communities. We are shaping a better world.

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Safety Is Our Promise

We are exceeding safety standards. We are committing to quality. We are leading the industry.  

Purina building
Innovation Is Our Pledge

We are discovering new possibilities. We are making nutritional breakthroughs. We are advancing the lives of pets.

Helping You and Your Pet Move in the Right Direction

Large dog on a leash walking outdoors

Whether you have a question or are searching for tips, we’re committed to providing the answers you need to continue living your best life together.

Family sitting on couch with their dog
10 Tips to Keep Dogs & Cats Happy Indoors

When you’re stuck inside, having pets can make the time a lot more enjoyable—but can also present some challenges. Purina’s pet behaviorists share tips to keep you and your pet happy when you’re stuck inside.

Woman playing with her cat
10 Creative Cat & Dog Enrichment Ideas

Spending extended periods of time indoors can be tedious and overwhelming for everyone, including pets. Taking time to come up with some creative enrichment activities for dogs and cats can help keep things interesting.

Two children playing with a dog
Teaching Kids to Care for Dogs & Cats

Caring for a family pet is a great way to develop responsibility in kids. There are many rewarding ways to engage kids in pet care, and now is a perfect time to guide them, with these tips from Purina pet behavior experts.