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Find out what Purina is doing to help keep the food bowls (and litter boxes) of your pets full during this time of uncertainty. 

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Black dog sitting next to bag of Purina ONE dog food
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars

We purchased this formulation because of the ingredients. Our #1 family member wasn't enjoying her food. She loves the different textures and flavors. She even tosses it and catches it like an excited young puppy. We are so relieved to see her happy with good nutritious food.

Reviewed By: - Robbie
Woman touching noses with her cat next to bag of Beyond cat food
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars

My cat loves this food so much that I can use it as a “treat” during her clicker training sessions. It’s made out of the good stuff so I don’t worry that I’m feeding her junk that’s not good for her.

Reviewed By: - Mich21

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Whether you have a dog, cat or both, our Purina experts are here with all the information and tips you need. We cover topics like dog and cat health, nutrition, behaviour, training and more.

Whether you have a question or are searching for tips, we’re committed to providing the answers you need to continue living your best life together.

Pug sitting on a couch and looking at the camera

Do Dogs See Colour?

Dogs are known for their keen sense of smell and ability to perceive human emotions and energy, but what about their eyes? You may have heard that dogs don't see colour in the full spectrum that humans do, and this is correct, but it's not all there is to the story.

Light grey cat with green eyes laying on its back

Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

From darting around the house to rolling in the herbaceous scent, your cat's reaction to catnip is as individual as she is. Your fluffy friend may love the stuff, or she could be indifferent to its effects. Knowing how catnip works can help you understand your own feline companion better, and it can give you a safe, fun way to make her day.

Siamese cat eating out of a yellow bowl

7 Reasons Your Cat's Appetite Has Increased

Is your cat meowing near the food bowl more than usual? Cats are often finicky eaters rather than food-obsessed felines, so it's normal to worry when your furry friend develops a never-ending appetite. In fact, many pet owners panic when something changes in their cat's routine, but there's often an explanation.