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Purina® ALPO® Dog Food & Dog Treats

Don’t complicate your dog’s food. Get to the meat of everything your dog both loves and needs with one of Purina® ALPO® dog food’s delicious semi-moist or dry recipes.

Fido, meat your match


Alpo semi-moist dog food in a bowl

Semi-Moist Dog Food

Meaty Meets No-Mess

Alpo dry dog food in a bowl

Dry Dog Food

Meaty Made Crunchy

Alpo T-Bonz steak shaped dog treats

Dog Treats

Downright Delicious

Alpo Cookout Classics dry dog food
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Love love love!

We have 4 big digs at home and they love their Alpo! Honestly they will eat nothing else! Our oldest dog use to eat different food but his nail were brittle and his coat had an odor, but since switching his food things have improved!! We are an Alpo family 100%!