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We go Beyond® because your cat is worth it. That means always seeking new forms and flavours to create natural cat food with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, plus probiotics for digestive health in all dry formulas. Look Beyond to nourish your cat the way nature intended.

Take it from Nature: Go Beyond®

Browse and find which natural cat food is right for your cat.

Beyond cat food packaging showing raw, natural ingredients

All the nutrition they need and nothing they don't.

Beyond cat food packaging showing raw, natural ingredients

Nothing more than the natural nutrition your cat needs.

Beyond limited ingredients cat food packaging showing raw, natural ingredients

With a minimal number of ingredients, plus essential vitamins.

Beyond grain free cat food packaging showing raw, natural ingredients

Back to basics, protein-rich approach to support your cat's health.

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Cats Loved It

My cats loved it, they were drooling as I was putting in their dish, it didn’t last too long and they were looking for more.

Reviewed By: - Celine P.
Natural probiotics

Beyond Takes Natural Cat Food Further

With so many options, choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. And, when everyone is making the same claims about natural, it can be difficult to distinguish between brands. Truth be told, many pet food companies use a lot of similar ingredients. That’s why we go Beyond, to guarantee that from the first five to the last five, every single one of our high-quality ingredients come from trusted sources.




Natural Probiotics for Digestive Health

  • NO corn, wheat or soy
  • NO poultry by-product meal
  • NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

What It Means to Go Beyond

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Made Right. Beyond a Doubt.

Responsible sourcing is second nature at Beyond. Every ingredient. Every cat food recipe. Every batch and bite. Why? Because we wouldn’t expect you and your cat to settle for anything less.