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Explore the Whole Story of How We Go Beyond

Feeding your pet’s health and happiness is our #1 priority.
Exceeding expectations is how we do it.



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We Believe Natural Ingredients are Just the Beginning

One look at our label and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Only high quality, natural, ingredients make the list on a bag of Beyond pet food, plus essential nutrients. But we don’t stop there. We go further, starting with thoughtful ingredient sourcing, nourishing recipes developed by trained pet nutritionists and a high standard of quality, safety, and responsibility.  After all, Beyond isn’t just our name.  It’s our philosophy to do right by you and your pet with an unwavering commitment to taking pet food further.

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Sources and Forces of Nature

When it comes to choosing our ingredient suppliers, “selective” is putting it lightly.

Every batch of Beyond Natural Pet Food contains ingredients that can be traced back to our trusted sources. No exceptions. No kidding. Because knowing where your pet’s food comes from is just as important as what’s inside.

Natural Probiotics for Digestive Health

Probiotics help to balance the bacteria levels in your pet’s gut, and the specific strain we chose is the same strain used in many human foods and beverages.

Traceability Guaranteed

Each ingredient can be traced back to our trusted sources.

100% Verified Ingredients
Crafted in North America

We own all the facilities where our dry dog & cat food are made. That means we have complete control and can closely monitor every step.

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Not All Pet Food Ingredients are Created Equal

From exclusively North American-raised chicken to cranberries from trusted sources that pass our 32-step evaluation process, we go above and beyond in ingredient integrity.

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Natural Dog And Cat Food Nutrition Worth Craving

You love your pet, so what you feed them is as important as what you put on your own plate. That's why our pet nutritionists never take "good enough" for an answer. In fact, we have an entire in-house team dedicated to serving up natural dog and cat nutrition, plus essential nutrients that go beyond- from nutrition to flavour and digestibility. Because in the end, natural nutrition means nothing if your pet doesn't enjoy eating it.





  • Natural ingredients with Carefully Evaluated Nutrient Content
  • Satisfying Taste, Texture and Kibble Size Your Pet will Love
  • A Commitment to Raising the Industry Bar in Pet Nutrition
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We think anything less wouldn’t be far enough.

Our Nutritionist’s Commitment

All Beyond Natural Pet Foods are created with the expertise of Jan D., our in-house animal nutritionist with more than 26 years of experience. Learn more about what’s on the label.

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Why Purina?

That’s easy. As a big company, we believe that it’s our responsibility to do things right. Big things. 
Small things. All things. Turns out, sometimes bigger is better.


Quality counts and that's just the way we like it. We own and operate all of the facilities where our dry pet food is made, which gives us ultimate control over the entire process. Even better, our skilled team of quality assurance experts keep a close watch to ensure that every product delivers the high quality you expect and deserve.


What you pour in your pet’s bowl should never put their health at risk. That’s just common sense in our minds, and it’s why we have a full team dedicated to food safety. Our ingredients and processes are protected by several continuous audit streams.


Believe it or not, pet food is often subjected to more extensive rules and regulations than human food. We, however, still consider those standards to be just that: standard. At Purina, we choose to exceed the standards whenever we can, from producing dry pet food that delivers above the AAFCO standard protein requirement to employing full-time certified quality and safety experts at our facilities.

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