Ewo - 1994 Inductee


EWO, a five-year-old German Shepherd, owned by Constable Tom MacLean, had a leading role in the lengthy search and capture of two perpetrators who led a series of violent break-and-enter incidents. The Niagara Police were alerted to three men breaking into a local home. Constable MacLean and his police service dog, Ewo, were called to the scene. After an hour, Ewo restrained the first suspect who was apprehended, leaving two more to be found in an area filled with icy water and rough terrain. Two hours passed, when the second suspect was found and apprehended. At that point the search was terminated because a number of officers were suffering from frostbite. Both Constable MacLean and Ewo together have been responsible for 83 criminal arrests and have twice received Superintendent’s Commendations for outstanding Police Canine Work.


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