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for Medium Dogs

DentaLife for Medium Dogs

Dental dog snacks that help reduce tartar buildup, clean hard to reach areas and freshen breath.

Purina® DentaLife® Dental Chews for Medium Dogs


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Dental dog snacks that help reduce tartar buildup; star shaped treat cleans hard to reach areas and freshens breath.

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ActivFresh is made with a chewy porous texture and with all of the benefits of the current DentaLife. ActivFresh goes beyond masking bad breath. ActivFresh fights bad breath at its source.


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DentaLife Advanced Clean dog dental chew treats are made with a dense, chewy texture designed to keep your dog chewing longer.

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DentaLife Daily Oral Care dog dental chew treats are designed with an innovative porous, yet chewy, texture that contains thousands of air pockets. The unique shape features 8 distinct ridges that clean your dog’s teeth down to the gum line.

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