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Find out what Purina is doing to help keep the food bowls (and litter boxes) of your pets full during this time of uncertainty. 

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Fancy Feast Petites Chicken & Gravy
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars

I like the size of the package for this product. Cats are finicky so it's is nice to have just enough and not too much if they decide to turn their nose up on their dinner. Fortunately, I didn't have this experience with Fancy Feast this round. Easy to store once opened which is also a bonus.

Reviewed By: - JENNIFERWY_ON, Ontario CA, Samplesource.com
Prime Bones Venison
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars

My dog loved this bone! It took him a little while to eat it which was great because he was entertained and distracted for a while. I have already purchased him another one!

Reviewed By: - DOROTAMA_ON, Ontario CA, Samplesource.com

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How to Keep Your Dog Warm During the Winter

Watching your dog experience the snow for the first time can be a truly memorable experience. Seeing him jump around, dig in it and try to gobble it up makes it hard to keep a smile off of your face. Read on to learn how to keep dogs warm in winter snow and cold.

Your Cat's Healthy Skin and Coat

A cat's skin and coat are among the most visible signs of health and vitality. The skin and coat are of vital importance to the body's protective mechanisms against environmental assaults of all kinds: from infectious agents to temperature changes.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Anyone who has spent any time around cats has felt and heard the distinctive purring sound that most people associate with a happy and content feline. However, there's much more to this cat characteristic. It can signal that a cat is happy, be used as a self-calming mechanism and even have benefits to the owner. Find out the science behind this mysterious sound and learn what it means when your cat purrs.