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We Believe in a Cleaner Planet for Future Generations

100% Recyclable or Reusable Packaging

We believe future generations of people and pets deserve clean spaces to roam and play.

There are many ways we can leave behind a cleaner planet for generations to come. One is ensuring none of our product packaging ends up in landfills.

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We are Committed to Overcoming Obstacles

How To Recycle Our Product Packaging

How To Recycle Our Product Packaging

Our vision is that none of our packaging ends up in a landfill. Today, 90% of our packaging in North America is designed for recycling.

We expect 95% of our packaging to be designed for recycling by 2025, and we are actively working to develop innovative solutions for the remainder of our packaging.

Success in a circular economy for packaging materials depends on infrastructure for collecting, sorting, reuse and recycling. The recycling infrastructure gap is significant, and we are joining with other companies and stakeholders to accelerate progress in this area.

Recycle Ready

What Does “Recycle Ready” Mean?

“Recycle ready” applies to some of our flexible plastic packaging, primarily used for large dog food bags. Although these materials can technically be recycled, most single-stream recycling facilities do not have the infrastructure to process those materials. As a result, a large percentage of flexible plastic packaging ends up in landfills.

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Despite these challenges, we are continually making progress toward our goal.

We Believe In Continual Progress

To help us achieve that goal, we’ve partnered with other non-profit and for-profit organizations on Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF).

Through this partnership, we’re testing new infrastructure, like optical sorters, to better separate the flexible plastic packaging from paper and other recyclables. If this new infrastructure proves successful, MRFF will share the results with other recycling facilities across the country so they can consider implementing the process.

Doing so will drastically reduce the amount of Purina product packaging that ends up in landfills.

“A generation is to follow us. When our battles are over, what kind of ancestors will we be?”

— William Danforth, Purina Founder