How to Keep Your Cat Safe and Calm During Fireworks

A black cat looking at the camera

Loud, random noises, like fireworks, can understandably be scary and bewildering for your cat, especially as they don’t happen every day. Discover some helpful tips that will help your long weekend celebration with fireworks go more smoothly for your kitty.

Before the Fireworks

Acclimatise your cat to noise

When it comes to a nervous cat, fireworks can be quite stressful. If you cat has a particular problem with loud noises, you might ask a pet behaviourist for help. If you can acclimatise a cat to firework noises when they're a kitten, they’ll grow up knowing it’s nothing to worry about. You might also consider putting downloading some sounds of loud firework noises, so the big event doesn’t come as too much of a surprise!

Keep your cat in after nightfall

If your cat has access to the outdoors, make sure they’re in before it gets dark and then shut the cat flap and close the windows. Even if you’re not having a fireworks party yourself, your neighbours might be, and fearful or stressed cats can easily run away and get lost or injured. Unfortunately, the number of missing cats goes up by about a third. This is probably because cats are more likely to be frightened by loud noises and other unusual events during this time, and will bolt, hide somewhere unusual, or become lost. With this in mind it’s also a good idea to make sure they’re microchipped.

During the Fireworks

Muffle sounds

Draw the curtains to disguise colourful flashes, and close the windows to make it as quiet as possible. Noise indoors, such as the radio or TV – whatever you cat might be used to – will make the noise outside less obvious, and hopefully help to calm your cat.

Distract your cat

Use toys and games to distract your cat. Fireworks may be scary,but if their concentration is elsewhere, they're more likely to be acclimatised to the noise. If these toys don’t seem to be working, break out the catnip, treats and laser pens!

As long as you’ve done your best to keep your cat calm and happy during the firework celebrations, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about – it’ll all be over before you know it!

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