Do Cats Need Wet Food? The Benefits of Wet Cat Food

An orange cat licking its food bowl

If your cat loves munching on dry kibble, you may have wondered if cats need wet food in their diets as well. In general, dry kibble has little moisture, so your cat needs to get water from a different source, such as a water bowl. If you’re concerned about keeping your cat hydrated, feeding both wet and dry food is a great way to ensure she gets more water. Read on to learn about the benefits of wet cat food on your cat’s health.

3 Benefits of Wet Cat Food

If you’re wondering whether or not your cat needs wet food, here are three ways it can benefit your cat:

1. It Keeps your Cat Hydrated

Did you know that in nature cats tend to avoid standing water? This is because it’s typically a breeding ground for bacteria and insects. So, many cats are finicky about drinking water from a bowl or dish.

However, water is vital for your cat’s health, making up 60% of your cat’s body. So, you must make sure your cat is getting enough water daily.

How do you get cats to drink more water? Making sure to provide fresh water daily or purchasing a cat water fountain can help. You can also increase her water intake through feeding wet cat food. While wet cat food doesn’t replace water altogether, it can help keep your cat hydrated.

2. Helps Promote Lean Body Mass

Wet cat food is typically high in protein, which helps support strong muscles. It can also help maintain muscle mass throughout your cat’s life – from adulthood into your cat’s senior years.

Your cat’s body weight is made up of lean body mass (LBM) and fat mass. Muscles, ligaments, bones and organs are all part of LBM. Organs and muscles are the main sources of metabolic activity, helping to support vital functions, like immunity, mobility and more. Typically, as cats age, they can lose LBM. Wet cat food that’s high in protein can help maintain LBM as your cat ages.

3. Gives Variety to Meal Time

Many people would get tired of eating the same food every day. In the same way, your cat can get bored with her food. Feeding only dry food may not satisfy your cat’s craving for variety.

Because of wet cat food’s small portions, you can try a variety of flavours easily to see what your cat loves. Not only are there many flavours to choose from, but you can also choose different textures too – from paté to wet cat food in a hearty gravy.

Other Benefits of Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food is highly digestible and it contains all the same essential nutrients as dry food. This includes vitamins and minerals such as:

  • Iron. To help support healthy blood and tissue.
  • Zinc. Which helps support immune system development and maintains the eyes, skin and bones.
  • Biotin. To help regulate energy release from food and promote healthy skin by maintaining skin integrity.

So, do cats need wet food? It’s not a necessity, but a combination of wet and dry food can give your cat the benefits of both. Wet food can increase your cat’s water intake and give her a variety of flavours. On the other hand, kibble can help keep her teeth clean. Check out our wet cat food products to find a product your kitty loves.

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