Holly - 2000 Inductee


On a sunny Saturday afternoon in June 1999, Norma Myers and her four-year-old granddaughter, Ally, walked along the bank of the Similkameen River accompanied by Norma’s dog, Holly, a 13-year-old Springer Spaniel. Skipping and playing a few steps ahead of Norma and Holly, Ally’s leisurely walk along the bank became terrifying when a female deer leaped out of the woods.


The doe, who may have been protecting her nearby fawn, stormed toward Ally. Almost instinctively, Holly sprang between Ally and the deer and began jumping and barking at the deer. The doe turned its attention from Ally, leaving Holly to take the brunt of the deer’s attack. Refusing to give up, Holly continued to bark and bite at the deer’s heels despite being stomped on by the angry deer. Holly’s valiant efforts distracted the attacking doe, providing Norma with the opportunity to shield Ally and chase the animal away.


Seriously injured, Holly was rushed to a Penticton veterinary hospital for emergency surgery for a broken leg and bruising all over her body. Sadly, the medical team could do nothing to save the sight in her right eye.


The veterinarian who treated Holly firmly believes that Holly’s heroic actions prevented Ally from being seriously injured. As the deer was defending her young that frightening Saturday afternoon, so did Holly.


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