Bandit - 2001 Inductee


Danger is part of life for a police officer, but when Cpl. Rick Mosher was called to apprehend an armed suspect, who had fled from a home in George’s River, Cape Breton, he had no idea just what risk he was facing. Nor did he know that he would lose his best friend and partner on that fateful day.


Following the call on the evening of June 25, 2000, Cpl. Mosher and his canine partner, Bandit, caught up with the suspect. Knowing the suspect was armed and possibly dangerous, Cpl. Mosher gave Bandit the cue to move in to distract and subdue him, which would then allow Cpl. Mosher to disarm and capture him. As Bandit willingly did his work, he suffered a serious knife wound from a second and unknown weapon the suspect had concealed in his sleeve.


Badly injured, Bandit momentarily retreated, but he leapt into action again when he saw Cpl. Mosher was about to be attacked. Unfortunately, he was stabbed for a second time. Bandit carried out his subsequent attempt even though the initial knife wound had cut through his shoulder and severed his spinal cord. Bandit’s brave action clearly prevented Cpl. Mosher from being injured and also provided Cpl. Mosher with the valuable time needed to draw his weapon and apprehend the suspect. Sadly, the additional knife wounds proved fatal for Bandit.


At the cost of his own life, Bandit’s loyalty and courage saved Cpl. Mosher’s life. Cpl. Mosher lost a friend, a partner and a piece of himself on that day. But he and his family are eternally grateful to Bandit.


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