Tracer - 2003 Inductee


Tracer, an eight-year-old RCMP service dog was sent to a "man with a gun" call along with three other members of the detachment and her handler, Constable Christina Hughes. When the three officers arrived at the scene, they moved closer to the male suspect and surrounded him with their guns drawn. As the suspect refused to drop his gun, Constable Hughes sent Tracer to subdue him. Tracer bit the suspect on his left arm but the disturbed male didn't feel the bite and lifted Tracer off the ground and placed the muzzle of the gun to Tracer's head and pulled the trigger. The gun misfired and Tracer was called back to Constable Hughes' side. The suspect pointed the gun at Corporal Arduni and the other officers. Eventually, the suspect was fatally shot by the three officers. Tracer's heroic actions made it possible for all officers involved to evaluate the mindset of the suspect and enabled them to protect themselves and the community.


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