Sophie - 2009 Inductee


Sophie is a friendly, one-and-a-half year old Bichon Frise who absolutely loves people, has a big heart and a keen sense of duty. On June 27, 2008, Mary-Ann Lazurko found out just how devoted her little dog was when Sophie came to the rescue of her daughter, Belinda.

Mary-Ann’s 38-year-old daughter Belinda is a very severe diabetic. Due to diabetes, she has had her right leg amputated just below the knee, undergone a kidney transplant (which eventually failed) and now requires blood dialysis three times a week. Belinda had been staying at Mary-Ann’s home since the month of May, while she waited for her own home to be built.

One particular morning during that stay, around 5 a.m., Mary-Ann awoke to Sophie vigorously tossing and turning about on her bed. It was very strange behaviour for Sophie who usually slept soundly through the night. As Mary-Ann tried to calm Sophie down, she thought she heard a noise coming from Belinda’s room, down the hall. Mary-Ann quickly disregarded the sound as both her husband and Belinda occasionally talk in their sleep, but Sophie would not settle. She began to pace peculiarly back and forth across the bed. Desperate, Mary-Ann could not understand what was agitating Sophie and decided to take her outside. However, just as Mary-Ann put her feet on the floor, Sophie bolted out the open door of Mary-Ann’s bedroom darting into Belinda’s room.

Still confused by Sophie’s behaviour, Mary-Ann rushed after her to discover that Belinda was unresponsive and her blood sugars were at a dangerously low level. Being a paramedic, Mary-Ann quickly tried to revive her daughter while her husband called 911. Upon arrival, the ambulance crew started Belinda on an IV and was thankfully able to help her regain consciousness.

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