Scooter and Missy

Scooter and Missy - 2011 Inductee


Scooter, a 12-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, and Missy, a 6-year-old Border Collie, are two ranch dogs that spend their days herding cattle on the Mosher family ranch. Last year, the family realized just how impressive Scooter and Missy’s herding skills were, when they helped save Glenda Mosher’s life.

On a wet evening last March, Glenda and Gary Mosher and their eleven-year-old grandson, Travis, were finishing dinner when Glenda noticed that one of the cows and two calves from a herd they were feeding for a friend were in their field, mixing with Mosher’s herd. The trio headed outside to separate the cows – Gary went ahead in the family’s all-terrain-vehicle to open the gate, while Glenda and Travis, accompanied by their dogs Scooter and Missy, walked behind the cow and calves, directing them towards the open gate. After successfully walking the two calves through, the cow suddenly turned and fiercely charged at Glenda, knocking her to the ground and rolling her body over and over again. This is the last thing Glenda remembers before waking up in intensive care at the hospital. The rest she only knows from her family recounting the story. The details are almost too much to bear.

Gary, who was too far away to help Glenda, could only look on in horror as the attack continued while Travis, not knowing how to stop the cow from its rampage, helplessly screamed.

The cow was relentless in her attack, but before it turned fatal, Scooter and Missy courageously intervened. In an effort to rescue Glenda, Scooter jumped at the cow and nipped her on the nose, and Missy, the more docile of the two dogs, bit the cow’s hind leg. The dogs continued to bark and run at the cow, distracting it until it finally turned away from Glenda and walked back through the gate. Travis and Gary immediately rushed to Glenda’s side. She was bloody, bruised and her jaw was smashed inward; but miraculously, she was still alive. Gary quickly sent Travis to call for help, and stayed by Glenda’s side along with Scooter and Missy, trying to keep Glenda conscious. Travis returned with his mother, Anna, who then called 911.

When the ambulance arrived, timing was of the essence and the paramedics were transported to the field in the family’s all-terrain-vehicle due to the deep mud. Glenda was placed on a back board and driven back to the ambulance, the full extent of her injuries still unknown. Missy and Scooter refused to leave Glenda’s side, until she was taken to hospital. Glenda’s injuries included broken ribs, a broken jaw, broken cheek bone and teeth, a fractured skull and a dislocated hip. She lost hearing for several weeks and her lower lip is still numb due to her injuries. During the month she spent in the hospital recovering, Glenda also had to undergo extensive reconstructive surgery on her face.

If you ask the Mosher family about the incident today, they’ll attribute Glenda’s survival to Scooter and Missy’s actions. In a scenario where every second counted, Scooter and Missy’s heroic efforts saved Glenda from a vicious attack that, if continued, would have without a doubt been fatal.

While Glenda has no memory of the horrific event, she knows that she wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for her two heroic dogs, Missy and Scooter. Glenda now does everything in her power to make sure they have the best life; because she knows her dogs would give their lives for her.

Sadly, Scooter passed away on April 15th, 2011 in the arms of Glenda and Gary at home.

Scooter and Missy’s courageous act was honoured at this year’s Purina Animal Hall of Fame ceremony and a permanent tribute for Scooter and Missy and all other 2011 Inductees has been created at PawsWay, the permanent home of the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.

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