Vicious - 2013 Inductee


As an avid animal lover, Angie Prime cares for numerous pets and is used to living in close proximity to wildlife in rural Trail, BC. Little did she know that in August 2012, these two worlds would collide and one of her beloved dogs, twelve-year-old Border Collie/Lab cross, Vicious, would live up to her bold name and fearlessly come to Angie’s rescue.


On a warm summer evening, Angie was relaxing in her living room with Vicious and her two other Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross puppies, Iver and Otto. As she had done many evenings before, Angie had her lights turned off so as not to attract insects, and left the sliding door open to the backyard so her pets could go in and out. Suddenly, Angie sensed another presence in the room. Turning her head towards the kitchen, Angie found herself face-to-face with a cougar standing approximately two metres away. The big cat had walked into the house through the open door and quietly crept through her kitchen, into the living room. Angie looked around helplessly and realized she was trapped. All she could do was lean back, put her arms up to shield her face and scream. Seconds later, the cougar pounced on top of her, pinning her to the couch.


Vicious suddenly launched herself at the cougar from across the room where she had been sleeping. The cougar disengaged from Angie and ran towards the open door. Vicious swiftly followed, barking protectively and chasing the cougar out of the house towards the green belt at the back of the property. Angie immediately jumped up and ran outside, calling for Vicious to come back. Neighbours, who heard her screams, came outside to see what was happening. It was at this time that Angie noticed the puncture wounds on her thigh from the cougar’s claws.


Not long after, Vicious came back panting and excited but fortunately unharmed. Conservation officers were called to the scene to investigate and agreed that Angie was extremely lucky to escape that episode virtually unharmed.


If Vicious hadn’t come to Angie’s rescue in that moment, authorities believe there would have been a completely different ending to this story. Thanks to Vicious’ quick action and courageous instinct to protect her family, Angie is alive today and, for that, she is eternally grateful.


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