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Beggin' - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Beggin’ Dog Treats are safe to feed and can be fed with confidence. Every ingredient in Beggin’ can be traced to trusted Purina sources, and every product Purina produces passes through thousands of quality and safety checks before it’s ready for your dog to enjoy. Purina knows you want the best for your dog and so does every team member at Purina. Visit the Purina website to learn more.

No. There is not currently a recall of Beggin’ Dog Treats. Beggin’ is made according to Purina’s quality control and safety protocols, which are unsurpassed in the pet food industry. For more information visit the Purina News Center.

The first ingredient in all Beggin’ varieties is real meat, blended with quality ingredients for tantalizing flavours. You can find more information about ingredients in Beggin’ Dog Treats on product labels or on the Beggin’ Dog Treats website.

Beggin’ Dog Treats are manufactured at Purina-owned facilities in North America. Purina is committed to bringing happiness to pets, every day. That’s why we strive to pass not only industry standards, but your standards, too. We work hard to earn your trust so you and your pet can live many happy, healthy years together. Learn more about Purina product quality by visiting the Purina website.

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