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For dogs, mealtime is more than just a time of day.

It can be a full expression of joy. Just a little more of you at mealtime means a lot more joy for your pup! That’s why Beneful is helping transform mealtime from a daily routine to a more meaningful, joyful ritual.

Creating Joyful Mealtime Rituals with Beneful

Add your own flair to your dog’s tasty Beneful meal by creating a unique ritual and a special bond between you and your pup. Here are some ways to get started:

Owner having a chat with his dog

Have a chat

Talking to your dog is an easy way to add healthy engagement to their meal. Share what you’re grateful for, or something that was extra special about your day together.

Woman is holding her dog

Play the chef

To your dog, you’re a five-star chef. Describe the meal to them in a fun, creative way to get them involved and make mealtime a full experience.

Child dancing with dog

Add some music

Music is a great way to trigger mealtime. Play or sing a song while you prep dinner. You could even incorporate a dance!

they'll love it!

A joyful life is a Beneful life.

*If your dog doesn’t lick the bowl clean, we’ll give you your money back. Please keep the product package and your purchase receipt for reference and call us at: 1-800-268-5345.


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