Egyptian Mau Cat

Egyptian Mau cat
Medium, with males weighing 10 to 14 pounds and females weighing 6 to 10 pounds
Short to medium
Silver, bronze and smoke
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The Egyptian Mau is fiercely devoted to her humans and vocally shows signs of happiness and affection by meowing in a pleasant voice. She’ll also slowly swish her tail and knead with her front paws. She loves to display her hunting skills by chasing and retrieving a toy. As a moderate- to highly active breed, you may find her on top of your refrigerator or bookshelves.

Egyptian Maus also love playing with water and are smart enough to learn how to turn on the faucet. Despite her high energy levels, she adores curling up in your lap for a snuggle session. She’s great with playful children and other cat-friendly pets who can keep up with her active and energetic lifestyle, though reserved and wary around unfamiliar guests.

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