Cat Treats

With a variety of cat treats to choose from, you’ll be able to satisfy your cat’s cravings in no time. Whether your cat is looking for scrumptious seafood, delicious cheese, or a more natural option with a hint of catnip, we have a cat treat option for you. As one of the most trusted brands, Purina offers a line-up of cat treats that’s sure to get the party started. 

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Aloha yum! You're invited to one hula of a good time. This tasty cat treat is packed with some of the most unforgettable tastes of the islands – like real ocean whitefish as the #1 ingredient and flavours of pork & crab.

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Yum ahoy! Made with real ocean whitefish as the #1 ingredient and flavours of salmon, shrimp & tuna, this gem of a cat treat is so rich with deliciousness, cats can't help but dig it.

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***Product discontinued as of March 2020***

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Scrumptious crunchy treats in chicken and seafood flavours - and a perfect way to share yummy you-and-me time.

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Crunchy treats featuring the tantalizing flavour of tuna. Take one out, and turn treat time into together time.

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Helps control tartar & plaque

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Crunchy treats that support urinary health.

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