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New Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ Cat Treats

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Tender break-apart soft treats, in savoury flavours your cat will love

Save now on Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ soft treats!

Power of the Purr playlist

Inspired by new Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™, happy cats and good music, the Power of the Purr playlist is a soundtrack with the calming power of real cat purrs.

New Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ soft treats

Discover a new way to treat with Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ tender break-apart treats in savoury flavours your cat will love.


Fancy Feast Savoury Craving treats broken into squares in white

1. Break apart the treats.

White icon of weight scale

2. Feed 4 treats for each 2.7 kg. Do not exceed 16 treats per day.

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3. The caloric intake from treats should not exceed 10% of a cat's total daily caloric requirements.

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4. Enjoy the special moment!

Purina Fancy Feast Savoury Cravings product line
  • Enticing savoury flavours cats love
  • Unique break-apart treat form creates special bonding moments
  • High-quality, limited ingredients
  • From Fancy Feast®, the name you know and trust
  • Made in North America


We believe through loving touches and refined details, we craft experiences to enrich relationships because when people and pets bond, life becomes richer.

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Purina® Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ Salmon Flavour Cat Treats

“My cat seemed to love these fancy feast savoury cat treats in Salmon. Not that my cat is a picky eater, but some treats she doesn't seem to care for. What was even better is my daughter enjoyed feeding them to her. The treats resemble a chocolate bar, and the pieces break off easily. Will buy these in the future."

- Angie W.

lady in pink sweater holding white cat close to her chest

Purina® Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ Beef Flavour Cat Treats

“My cat loves these treats! Its an interesting texture that brings something new to a treat! Plus, the little squares make it easy to portion. I think this is an excellent buy for any cat since even my picky cat loves it!"

- Evie R.

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