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Fancy Feast Frequently Asked Questions

There are coupons for Fancy Feast Cat Food available on our website.

Fancy Feast 85 g can adult entrées range from 63 to 108 calories and 85 g kitten entrées from 89 to 95 calories. For more on how many calories are in a Fancy Feast entrée, visit the Fancy Feast website.

Feeding instructions vary by recipe. Check product labels or the Purina website to learn how much Fancy Feast you should feed your cat.

Yes. Fancy Feast is good for cats. Every entrée provides complete and balanced nutrition that is healthy for your cat. And nothing that is bad for cats. You can find more nutrition information on product labels, or on the Fancy Feast website.

Yes. Fancy Feast is safe to feed and can be fed with confidence. Purina selects cat food ingredients for nutrition that helps your cat live their best life possible. Every ingredient in Fancy Feast can be traced to trusted Purina sources, and every product Purina produces passes through thousands of quality and safety checks before it’s ready for your cat’s bowl. Purina knows you want the best for your cat and so does every team member at Purina. Visit our website to learn more.

Yes. Fancy Feast is good for kittens. Each nourishing kitten entrée is made with real turkey or ocean whitefish, plus essential vitamins and minerals to support growing kittens. You can find more information on product labels or the Fancy Feast website.

No. Fancy Feast is not grain free. Recipes are made with grains, which add carbohydrates cats need for energy. Every recipe provides complete and balanced nutrition for cats, with high-quality ingredients including real seafood, poultry and beef.

No. There is not currently a recall of Fancy Feast cat food. Fancy Feast is made according to Purina’s quality control and safety protocols, which are unsurpassed in the pet food industry. For more information, visit the Purina News Center.

Fancy Feast offers over 80 irresistible recipes, so the ingredients list is too long to provide here. Every recipe provides high-quality ingredients for complete and balanced nutrition. Learn more on package labels or the Fancy Feast website.

The difference between Fancy Feast and Friskies is that Fancy Feast offers over 80 gourmet recipes to delight cats, while Friskies offers taste adventures to feed a cat’s playfulness. Both brands offer wet foods, treats and meal complements.

Purina Fancy Feast cat food is made primarily in the U.S. as well as Thailand and Europe. As a global pet care leader, Nestlé Purina PetCare manufactures products throughout the world. Regardless of where our products are produced, you can be assured that they are subjected to our rigorous quality assurance standards. The safety of our products is a top priority. We stand behind their high quality, so consumers can feed them to their pets with confidence. Learn more about Purina product quality by visiting


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