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Purina ONE Ingredients

Purina ONE Ingredients

Start with the Ingredients

If you’re looking for the best pet food for your pet, start with the ingredients. Purina ONE ingredients are always high-quality. Each recipe starts with natural ingredients chosen for a purpose by our team of experts, then powerfully combined with vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a difference you can see in your pet. See why every ingredient has a purpose in veterinarian-recommended Purina ONE.

What Sets Purina ONE Apart?

100% nutritive

High-Quality, Purposeful Ingredients

We use real meat, poultry or fish. Plus, 100% nutrition and 0% fillers means every ingredient serves a purpose.

Dog with Radiant Coat and Sparkling Eyes

A Difference You Can See

From bright eyes to energy to healthy skin and coat, our high-quality ingredients work in powerful combinations to make a noticeable difference in your pet’s whole-body health.


Nature. Research. Results.

Every Purina ONE formula starts with ingredients found in nature. Then, our teams of nutritionists use their expertise, backed by research, to craft those ingredients into foods that can help make a healthy, visible difference in your pet.

Crafted In Purina-Owned Facilities

Crafted in Purina-Owned Facilities

Our foods are created with carefully selected ingredients our own facilities, and our meticulous quality and safety standards ensure we provide the best nutrition for your pet.