Travelling and Boarding

An orange cat on a leash

Are you and your kitten ready to hit the road? Travelling with a pet can be exciting, but it also takes careful planning and preparation. If you’ll be gone for longer than a day or two, make a careful supply checklist for your cat. Some things to include are:

  • Supply of your cat’s usual food, so she doesn’t suffer digestive upset
  • Any medications and a schedule of when she should take them
  • Litter box, cat litter and scoop
  • Scratching post, bed and favourite toys
  • Health certificate and identification
  • Appropriate sized pet carrier

Getting Ready

Before leaving, make sure your cat is wearing a collar and ID tag with her name, as well as your name, address and phone number printed on it clearly. Also, avoid feeding her for several hours beforehand.

Hitting the Road

Get your cat ready for a long car trip by starting with shorter rides. You should avoid leaving her in the car alone, even for a few minutes. Overheating is common, especially on a hot day, and may cause a cat to suffer heat stroke or suffocation.

Air Travel

Some airlines will allow your cat to travel in the cabin while others will require her to fly separately. Ask your airline while making reservations about their specific policy. Wherever your cat travels, she’ll need a regulation-sized carrier. Make sure it’s properly marked with her ID information. It’s also important to time your flight right. Avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers run long. You should never give your cat a tranquilizer unless so instructed by your veterinarian.


If you decide not to take your cat along, choose a boarding facility with care. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a reputable place, or get recommendations from friends who have boarded animals in the past.

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