Benefits of Owning a Cat

An orange cat cuddling its owner

There are approximately 8.3 million cats throughout the country, and a full 38% of Canadian homes include at least one cat. Cats have long been one of the more popular companion animals, constantly battling dogs for the number one spot, and it's easy to see why. From their soft fur, soothing purrs and funny antics that are the subject of millions of online videos, cats are an easy choice if you're looking for a pet that gives plenty of entertainment and affection without requiring a lot of time or energy as far as upkeep and daily schedules. Here are just a few benefits owning a cat can bring to your life.

4 Benefits of Owning a Cat

1. They Help Reduce Stress

Can cats reduce stress and improve mood? The answer seems to be yes. Research has shown that just having a pet of any kind can help increase your mental and emotional well-being. Cats sleep a large portion of the day, and if your cat is one that likes to snuggle, sitting with a cat on your lap and petting them throughout the day can help boost your serotonin and decrease levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone.

2. They Provide Companionship

Cats have a standoffish reputation, but it's more of a stereotype than a universal truth. While cats may not wag their tails or lick your face to show they're happy to see you, they're very social creates and bond strongly with their human family. Cats are known to need a lot of physical attention, sometimes even demanding it by planting themselves firmly on your computer keyboard or notebook. They are excellent companions, especially for those who may be unable to take care of a large dog due to work schedule limitations or physical mobility issues.

3. Cats Are Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of owning a cat is that they're very low maintenance compared to other popular pets like dogs and reptiles. All cats really need to be healthy is a well-rounded food that is formulated to provide for their specific nutritional needs, clean water, a litter box, a toy or two and some human interaction. Cats are much easier to have someone take care of if you go on vacation, and vetting costs are usually lower than with dogs.

4. They Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

From better cardiovascular health and a decreased tendency to develop allergies to less stress and better sleep, having a feline companion can improve your overall health and well-being in a variety of ways. There is even some research that indicates that the vibrational frequency of a cat's purring could be healing.

Whether you're looking at getting your first cat or are adding another feline to your family, understanding how cats behave, what they need and what they can bring to your home helps ensure you get all the benefits from pet ownership. From wet and dry cat food and treats to tips on decoding cat behaviour, Purina Canada has everything you need to help your cat live its best life.

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