5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

A birthday cake for a dog

Celebrating your furry family member’s big day is fun for both you and your pup. Here are some tips on throwing a paw-some birthday bash. To us dog lovers, our pup is no less important than our other family members — and we certainly wouldn’t skip celebrating our spouse’s or child’s birthday, would we? Of course not! Every dog has his day, so commemorate your pup’s big day with special activities you’ll both enjoy.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate

1. Plan a dog playdate

Plan a time when family and friends can bring their pups to play. Gather in a fenced-in yard or dog park, or meet inside for indoor pets. Plan games and be a responsible playdate host by ensuring that water and disposable bags are readily available, that guests bring their own treats, and that all pet owners are aware of each other’s pet’s health issues.

2. Throw a party

Who says birthday parties are just for humans? Celebrate your dog’s birthday by throwing him a party with food and games (for all manner of guests), decorations, and (of course) pet-safe party hats. You’ll want to provide supervision at all times.Take photos of your pup with his party guests, and remember to reward the birthday boy with presents, like a brand new collar or toy. For a fun twist on a birthday card, have party guests — both human and animal — stamp their ‘paws’ on a piece of poster board.

3. Go on a special trip

Whether it’s to a local pet-friendly supply store, a park, a beach, Grandma’s house, or maybe just a drive in the country, take your dog on a birthday outing or picnic to make his day memorable. Document your outing with plenty of pictures of you with the birthday boy.

4. Pamper your pet

A pampering session doesn’t even require leaving home. Give your pup a fresh, warm blanket from the dryer to curl up with during cooler months, or set up a sprinkler for your dog to romp through when it’s warm out. An extra long walk, a new ball to play with, or a good, long snuggle session will make most any dog’s day!

5. Get your dog’s birthday portrait taken

It’s common to get professional pictures taken for our kids’ birthdays — why not start this tradition with your pet! Find a local pet photographer in your area and make an appointment for a special birthday portrait session. Naturally, you’ll want to plaster your dog’s adorable face on t-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, note cards, and more. Create a photo memory book for your dog, including each year’s birthday photos, as a future keepsake.

Celebrating your dog’s birthday isn’t just an excuse to throw a party or go somewhere special — it’s a fun way to thank your best friend for all his love and loyalty. So don’t just let this year’s big day go by unnoticed. Show your pup how important he is in your family.

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