Types of Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds that Need Daily Grooming

There are just 3 cat breeds that need daily grooming: the Birman, Himalayan and Persian. These longhaired cats require daily brushing to prevent tangles and matting, remove dirt and debris and to minimize shedding. If you can dedicate the time each day to groom one of these cats, you’ll be rewarded with a strong bond with your feline companion. Explore these high-maintenance cat breeds below.

Cat Breeds that Need Monthly Grooming

Cats are sufficient self-groomers, and shorthaired and medium-hair cats require significantly less grooming than certain longhaired breeds. Most still require periodic brushing, however. Doing so removes dirt and debris and redistributes oils to maintain a healthy, shiny coat. Browse the list of cat breeds that need monthly grooming below for a lower-maintenance feline.

Cat Breeds that Need Weekly Grooming

Longhaired cats typically need daily grooming while shorthaired breeds may only need brushing once a month. Cat breeds that need weekly grooming fall in the middle with medium-length coats. A weekly grooming schedule will maintain the health and shine of your cat’s coat, while also minimizing shedding and reducing her risk of hairballs from self-grooming. View the list of cats that need weekly grooming below.

Cat Breeds that Rarely Need Grooming

Although all cats require some form of grooming, at least on occasion, several breeds need it far less than others. Cat breeds that rarely need grooming include shorthaired and hairless cats. Not only do these cats need less frequent grooming than other breeds, but they also don’t shed much and may even be considered hypoallergenic. Explore these low-maintenance cat breeds below.

Cat Breeds with Heavy Shedding

Heavy shedding cat breeds have long, fluffy coats that require daily grooming. While they may require more maintenance than what a busy family can provide, they’re perfect for people with enough time each day to groom and bond with their feline companion. See all heavy shedding cat breeds below to learn more about their grooming needs and other requirements.

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

Did you know cat hair isn’t the cause of reactions in people sensitized to cat allergens? The primary cause is an allergen produced in cats’ saliva. These allergens are spread to cats’ hair through grooming, which are then shed into the environment.

What About So-Called Hypoallergenic or Non-Allergenic Cats?

Many people believe specific breeds—particularly hairless cats—are "hypoallergenic" cats. Because these so-called non-allergenic cats don’t have hair or don’t shed, people believe they won’t cause a reaction. This is not the case. All cats produce allergens, regardless of breed and whether or not they shed or have hair at all. The cat breeds outlined below may make it easier for people sensitized to cat allergens to manage. A cat who sheds less(or not at all), means fewer allergens end up in the environment.

Medium Cat Breeds

If large domestic cats seem too big and small breeds seem tiny, a medium cat breed may be just right for you. These mid-sized cats typically weigh between 10 and 15 pounds, so they fit right into almost any home and environment, whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a big house in the suburbs. If you’ve been longing for a feline companion but don’t want anything extreme, a medium cat breed is a great choice. Review our list of medium-sized breeds to find the perfect kitty for you.

Medium-Hair Cat Breeds

Medium-hair cats are popular because they’re a great middle-of-the-road option for people who don’t want a longhaired cat, but want a softer, fluffier kitty than a shorthaired cat. They also require less grooming than cats with long hair but more than those with short coats. Weekly grooming is all they need to maintain a healthy, shiny coat, which is manageable, even for busy families and individuals. Check out the list below to find the perfect medium-hair cat for your lifestyle and home.

Short Hair Cat Breeds

If you want a low-maintenance feline, a short haired cat may be the perfect fit. Because their coats are short, they don’t require daily grooming like longhaired cat breeds. Instead, periodic brushing is all they need to keep their coats healthy and to reduce shedding. If that sounds like the perfect match for your busy lifestyle, explore our list of short hair cat breeds below.