Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

Did you know cat hair isn’t the cause of reactions in people sensitized to cat allergens? The primary cause is an allergen produced in cats’ saliva. These allergens are spread to cats’ hair through grooming, which are then shed into the environment.

What About So-Called Hypoallergenic or Non-Allergenic Cats?

Many people believe specific breeds—particularly hairless cats—are "hypoallergenic" cats. Because these so-called non-allergenic cats don’t have hair or don’t shed, people believe they won’t cause a reaction. This is not the case. All cats produce allergens, regardless of breed and whether or not they shed or have hair at all. The cat breeds outlined below may make it easier for people sensitized to cat allergens to manage. A cat who sheds less(or not at all), means fewer allergens end up in the environment.


Balinese-Javanese Cat Breed
Cornish Rex Cat Breed
Devon Rex Cat Breed
Munchkin Cat
Siberian Cat Breed
Sphynx Cat Breed