Pro Plan® Adult Vital Systems Chicken Entrée in Gravy Wet Cat Food



  • Advanced 4-in-1 support premium canned cat food formula to proactively support your cat’s vital systems, including immune, brain, muscle and vision health 

  • High protein wet cat food featuring vitamin E and linoleic acid to support immune health, protein for muscle health, choline for brain health and Taurine and vitamin A for healthy vision 

  • Adult cat food recipe crafted with real, high-quality ingredients, including real chicken providing high protein for lean muscle and a healthy heart 

  • Antioxidant-rich soft cat food formula helps support the immune system  

Available Sizes

  • 85g can

Product Description

Serve your cat a high protein wet cat food designed to nourish four vital systems of their health with Purina Pro Plan Vital Systems Chicken Entrée Adult Cat Food with Gravy. Crafted in partnership with our expert nutritionists, this Purina Pro Plan cat food features advanced 4-in-1 support. This formula offers your cat an antioxidant blend for immune support, choline for brain health, high-quality protein to provide muscle support and taurine and vitamin A for vision health. Every serving of this canned cat food includes complete and balanced adult cat food nutrition in a thoughtful blend with real chicken.