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Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Allergen Reducing Cat Food FAQs

With bold new discoveries come a myriad of questions. Put your mind at ease with these LiveClear cat food frequently asked questions and answers.  

How many LiveClear formulas are available?

LiveClear currently comes in two formulas — LiveClear Adult Chicken & Rice and LiveClear Adult Salmon & Rice

Is there a LiveClear kitten formula?

Currently, LiveClear is formulated for adult cats, but we are continuing to explore additional formula options.

Where can I purchase LiveClear?

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear is available at a variety of pet specialty and online retailers.


How does LiveClear work?

All cats, regardless of gender or breed, carry allergens in their saliva. When cats groom themselves, they spread the saliva onto their hair & dander.  As the cat sheds, the allergen on the hair and dander is dispersed throughout the home. When cats eat LiveClear, the key ingredient binds to the Fel d 1 allergen in cat saliva and neutralizes it — simply, and safely.  

In which cat breeds does LiveClear reduce allergens?

All cats produce the major cat allergen Fel d 1 — regardless of breed, age, hair length, sex or body weight. During a landmark Purina study, 97% of cats fed LiveClear cat food showed decreased levels of active Fel d 1 on their hair and dander, starting in the 3rd week of feeding.

How do I know LiveClear is safe for my cat?

LiveClear doesn’t affect your cat’s overall physiology. In fact, your cat will continue to produce allergens and shed as normal. The key ingredient in LiveClear, a specific protein found in eggs, simply binds to the Fel d 1 allergen in cats’ saliva and neutralizes it, safely.  

Will my cat continue to produce Fel d 1 while on LiveClear?

Yes. Our key ingredient simply neutralizes the Fel d 1 allergen in cat’s saliva. This is a safe, feline-friendly approach and does not interfere with Fel d 1 production or the cat’s overall physiology.

Do I need a prescription from my vet for LiveClear?

No prescription is needed. LiveClear is available for purchase online and over the counter at a wide range of retailers. Click BUY NOW to select your preferred retailer.   


How should I store LiveClear?

In order to ensure the best product performance it is recommended that you store LiveClear in a cool, dry place.

How much LiveClear should I feed?

Simply follow the feeding directions on the package that correspond to the size of your cat.

Can I also feed wet food or treats, while feeding LiveClear?

Yes. But to get the full allergen-reducing effect, LiveClear should be your cat’s primary food.

How long does LiveClear take to reduce the allergens?

LiveClear has been shown to reduce the allergens in cat hair and dander by an average of 47%, starting in the 3rd week of daily feeding.

What happens if I stop feeding LiveClear?

The allergen-reduction effect will stop.