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Purina ONE - 28 Day Challenge Info - Cat

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Take The Challenge. See The Change.

See the amazing changes in your pet’s health and get ready to receive up to $15 in discounts on Purina® ONE® products throughout the challenge, including the initial $5.00 discount on your first purchase of Purina ONE dry cat food. 

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Day 1

Real meat is the #1 ingredient, so you should see more excitement at mealtime right away.

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Day 7

Carbohydrate sources, as part of our high-quality nutrition, help support healthy energy. Your cat may want to play more often and show more vitality.

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Day 14

Highly digestible ingredients support better absorption of nutrients so more nutrition goes to work inside your cat.

cat looking around

Day 21

Look for clear, sharp eyes from vitamins A and E, and a healthy skin and coat from Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, as Purina ONE continues to deliver visible proof it’s working.

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Day 24

A unique antioxidant blend of vitamins A and E and minerals selenium and zinc helps nourish your cat’s immune system.

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Day 28

Crunchy kibble supports strong teeth and healthy gums. And protein, including real meat, supports strong muscles, including a healthy heart.

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Proven Nutrition Today, And For A Lifetime.

Purina ONE brings nature and science together to deliver high-quality nutrition for every stage of your cat’s life. 
Take the 28-Day Challenge and see for yourself.