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Take the 28-Day Challenge Now and Save up to $20

Purina® ONE® delivers high-quality proven nutrition today, and for a lifetime. Take the 28-Day Challenge and see for yourself. You’ll receive a $5 coupon just for signing up and we will continue sending coupons to support you while you complete the challenge.

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Days 1 & 7

From mealtime excitement to an increase in healthy energy from carbohydrate sources, you’ll start to see a difference in your pet on Day ONE.

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Day 14

Highly digestible ingredients support better absorption of nutrients so more nutrition goes to work inside your pet.

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Days 21 & 24

Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals support bright eyes and shiny coat. Purina ONE is also nourishing your pet’s immune system with vitamins A and E, and minerals selenium and zinc.

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Day 28+

The proven nutrition of Purina ONE supports strong teeth and healthy gums, supports joint health and strengthens muscles, including a healthy heart.

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Proven Nutrition Today, And For A Lifetime.

See the amazing changes in your pet’s health and get ready to receive up to $20 in discounts on Purina ONE products throughout the challenge, including the initial $5.00 discount on your first purchase of Purina ONE pet food.