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Try NEW Prime Bits Meaty Treats and Beef Chew Sticks!


Prime Bits with Wild Venison

These natural, meaty treats are small, but fierce. Made with real meat as the #1 ingredient and no corn, wheat or soy, Prime Bits make it easy to give your puppy or adult dog a taste of adventure several times a day. And, at only 2 calories apiece, these tasty bits are excellent for training too.


Purina Prime Bones Mini Knotted Chews Duck

Prime Bones Mini Knotted Chews are safe, long-lasting chews made especially for small dogs. They’re made with natural, limited ingredients with the ancient grain amaranth and no corn, wheat or soy. And they’re rawhide- and plastic-free to help safely satisfy your smaller dog’s instinctual love of chewing.


Prime Bones Treats

Purina brought something novel to the dog chew segment: a chew that caters to a dog’s instincts in a naturally edible way. PRIME BONES is a safe, long-lasting chew in three tasty varieties: With Wild Venison, sourced from deer who roam the mountain and alpine regions around Victoria, Australia; With Pasture-Fed Bison, sourced from family ranches across North America; and With Wild Boar, sourced from free-range animals found throughout the Outback of New South Wales, Australia.


PRIME BONES gives your dog a taste of the adventure they crave and satisfies their instinctual love of chewing.