There are many ways to prepare eggs. Once fully cooked, the protein in eggs can be good for cats. But will your cat eat eggs? That’s another matter. Keep reading to see how you can prepare eggs as a treat for your cat.

Are eggs good for cats?

Being carnivores, cats benefit from eggs’ protein and amino acids. But, if you do give your cat egg to eat, feed it as a treat. “Feed just a tiny amount because you don’t want to put too many calories in your cat’s diet,” Purina Senior Nutritionist Jan Dempsey explains.

How much egg can a cat eat?

Not much. “It’s easy to overfeed a cat. They don’t need many calories a day, just 150-200 for a moderately active, 10-pound cat,” says Dempsey. The amount of egg your cat can eat should be no more than 10 percent of her daily calories, and because a whole egg is about 90 calories, the amount of egg you give her should be very small.

Is an egg a good meal for a cat?

No, it isn't. Eggs are considered to be the gold standard in protein. For a single food, they are as close to being nutritionally complete as possible. So, the protein and amino acids in eggs are good for cats. But still, an egg isn’t a perfect meal for her. Instead, cats need to eat complete and balanced food every day.

How should eggs for cats be prepared?

  • Remove all shells
  • Cook fully
  • Limit portions

Can cats eat raw eggs?

No. Raw eggs are not good for cats. When eggs are not cooked, they can harbour bacteria like Salmonella. And raw egg whites can be bad for cats. “There’s a protein called avidin in them that can bind the essential vitamin biotin (also known as vitamin B7), so cats are unable to absorb it,” Dempsey explains. Over time, that can cause a vitamin deficiency. But giving your cat cooked egg to eat prevents all of these risks.

Will cats try an egg?

Maybe. It depends on your cat. Cats are known for being both picky and adventurous in what they eat. Having a neophilic nature means most cats like variety in what they eat. To know for certain, see how your cat reacts to a small portion of cooked egg.

If your cat tends to like eggs, try pet nutrition that includes egg as a featured ingredient, like Beyond Grain Free White Meat Chicken and Egg Recipe or Grain Free Ocean Whitefish and Egg Recipe. These recipes balance eggs with other ingredients so your cat gets a nutritionally complete meal every time she eats.

Can kittens eat eggs?

Yes. Kittens can have eggs. But considering how few calories kittens need each day, there are much better foods to feed them. To be sure you’re giving a kitten the nutrition she needs as she grows, it’s best to buy food and treats made especially for this time in her life.

Explore other human foods that cats can safely eat and learn more about cat nutrition in our Pet Care section.

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