How to Help a Gassy Puppy?

How to Help a Gassy Puppy Hero

There are some things a puppy will avoid doing, but the discreet release of noxious fumes isn’t one of them. Whether guests are present or not, a puppy with flatulence is not pleasant. While it is a normal part of digestion, these tips can reduce puppy’s discomfort – and the finger pointing.

 How can I stop my puppy from clearing the room?  

  • For taller dogs, use an elevated feeder. It prevents your puppy from swallowing too much air and thus gives him less to expel. 
  • Exercise your puppy. Exercise keeps things moving rather than allowing gas to build. For the best results for your puppy, allow at least an hour before and after a meal so that he can properly digest his meal. 
  • Check the food. Low-quality foods can lower the digestibility rate and produce gas. 
  • Consider the breed. Some breeds have greater tendencies toward flatulence. 
  • Feeding your puppy “people” food can throw off a properly balanced pet food that has been formulated specifically for the unique needs of puppies. 
  • Talk to your veterinarian about adding enzymes to your puppy’s diet. 
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