Beggin’® Collisions® Peanut Butter Flavour Dog Snacks



  • Real meat is the #1 ingredient
  • The original strip that started it all
  • Made with real bacon and peanut butter flavour (natural & artificial)
  • Soft texture makes it easy to chew and great for training
  • Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon!

Available Sizes

  • 170 g & 708 g pouch

Product Description

It's the strip that started it all. Meat-crazed canines won’t believe their noses when they get a whiff of these bacony, mouthwatering dog treats made with real meat as the #1 ingredient. Each meaty bite smells like sizzlin’ bacon, tastes like savoury bacon, heck it’s even made with real bacon. But just when you thought the taste of bacon was at its best, we went and added the taste of peanut butter to create the perfect PB&B.