Beggin’® Strips Cheeseburger Flavour Dog Snacks



  • Real meat is the #1 ingredient
  • Made with real bacon
  • Combines the meaty taste of bacon and cheeseburger flavour for a mouthwatering reward
  • Crafted in North American facilities
  • Soft texture is easy to chew or tear into smaller pieces
  • No artificial FD&C colours

Available Sizes

  • 170 g & 708 g pouch

Product Description

Tempt your bacon-craving buddy with a wallop of dog-approved flavour when you give him Purina Beggin' Strips With Cheeseburger Flavour adult dog treats. The cheeseburger flavour delivers a one-two punch of delicious taste, while the sizzlin' aroma gets his ears perking and his nose twitching every time you open the dog treat pouch. Just watch his tail start wagging in anticipation of the Beggin' cheeseburger flavour, and feel good about giving him a treat that's crafted by a brand you trust. Let him chow down on a whole Purina bacon strip at playtime each day, or tear a strip into smaller bites for an irresistible training reward that has him rolling over with happiness. The soft, tender texture of these cheeseburger flavoured dog treats gives him something to sink his teeth into, and every strip is made without artificial FD&C colours to make you happy, too. Offer up more of the meaty goodness your dog craves when you toss him one of these Purina Beggin' dog treats, and let him know he's your best buddy with every mouth-wateringly bacony bite.