Low-Shedding Cat Breeds

There’s nothing quite like the joy of owning a cat, but constant shedding can be problematic, particularly for busy individuals or families. To minimize the amount of time you spend vacuuming up cat hair, consider getting a low-shedding cat. Although these felines still shed, it’s a much smaller amount than you’d experience with other breeds. Cats that don’t shed much will still require some grooming and bathing, but they’re lower maintenance than longhaired breeds. Browse the low-shedding cat breeds listed below to see if one is a good match for you.

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Cat Breeds With Moderate Shedding

American Bobtail
American Bobtail Cat Breed
Balinese-Javanese Cat Breed
Bengal Cat
Birman Cat Breed
Bombay Cat
British Shorthair
British Shorthair Cat Breed
Burmese Cat
Chartreux Cat Breed
Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Mau Cat
European Burmese
European Burmese Cat Breed
Exotic Shorthair
Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed
Havana Brown
Havana Brown Cat Breed
Japanese Bobtail
Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed
Korat Cat Breed
Maine Coon
Maine Coon Cat Breed
Manx Cat

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