• Made with real skipjack tuna
  • Intended as a complement to your adult cat's complete and balanced diet
  • Made with vitamin E and taurine to support your senior cat's health
  • Made without artificial colors, flavours or preservatives
  • Grain-free formula with added vitamins
  • Packed in easy-to-open cups for convenient serving
  • Velvety broth adds scrumptious flavor to every serving

Available Sizes

  • 34 g cup

Product Description

Give your cat a little something extra to purr about when you offer her Friskies Lil' Soups with Skipjack Tuna in a Velvety Tuna Broth Lickable Cat Complement. With added vitamins including vitamin E and taurine, and tender tuna morsels that are easy for your favorite feline's mouth to manage, she gets a delightfully delicious compliment to her daily meal and you get to enjoy the warm feeling that comes from spoiling your best friend. Cats will love to lap their way through the velvety broth and sink their teeth into the tender morsels that make this recipe so irresistible.