• Made with real tuna
  • Savoury, velvety broth adds extra yum to every bite
  • Packaged in a convenient cup for easy serving
  • Intended as a complement to your cat's complete and balanced diet
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Available Sizes

  • 34 g cup

Product Description

Give your cat another reason to bound for her bowl with Friskies Lil' Soups with Tuna in a Velvety Chicken Broth Lickable Cat Complement. The delicious scent tells your kitty something awesome is on the menu, while the tender bites make dinner time irresistible. Featuring tuna and other high-quality ingredients, this meal serves up the goodness you want and the flavours she adores. Give her a taste of the sea with this delicious ocean recipe with tasty morsels and an enticing, lickable broth. Intended as a tasty addition to your cat companion's daily meal, this treat is a fun way to satisfy those kitty cravings between meals. Let your cat know you pay attention to the things she loves and set down a snack that will call her over every time.