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Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

A healthy urinary tract plays a major role in your cat’s overall health. Support it, with the high-quality, specialized nutrition of Purina Pro Plan. More than just a urinary diet for cats, Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health formulas are made with real poultry, meat, or fish, and without artificial colors or flavors. And because your cat needs extra care for their urinary needs, each great-tasting formula is optimized with advanced nutrition that reduces urinary pH and provides low dietary magnesium.

Why Choose a Urinary Tract Health Formula?

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Carnivorous diets are naturally acidic. While domesticated cats have evolved to eat a different diet than they did in the wild, some cats may benefit from a formula that helps reduce urinary pH.

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A Purina study shows diets that include acidifying ingredients promote a low urine pH while supporting cats’ health.

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These formulas effectively promote a low urine pH, which helps maintain a healthy urinary tract.

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Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Formulas are formulated to be fed exclusively and should not be mixed with any other type or brand of cat food. By mixing in or switching to other products, Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Formulas may no longer be effective in maintaining urinary tract health.

Specialized Nutrition for Urinary Tract Health

Wet & Dry Formulas

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Maintains Urinary Tract Health

by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium

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Linoleic Acid

an omega-6 fatty acid, to nourish skin and coat

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formula for optimal nutrient delivery

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Real Meat #1

real chicken is the first ingredient in dry formulas

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Vet Recommended

Purina Pro Plan is a veterinarian recommended brand

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Great Tastes

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Shop Purina Pro Plan Formulas

The advanced nutrition of Pro Plan is available online and in-store at pet specialty retailers near you

Where to Buy

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Life Saver!

After multiple vet visits costing hundreds of dollars this has been our ONLY choice for the past 6 years! NO MORE UTIs!!!

- Kendall

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Does Your Cat Need a Urinary Care Cat Food?

Urinary tract health is important to cats. Would yours benefit from a Urinary Tract Health formula, specifically? Find out. Just tell us about your cat’s taste preferences, nutritional needs, and more, and we’ll provide a high-quality Pro Plan food recommendation and custom feeding guide that meets their specific needs and preferences.