Picture of Krypto, a black and white sheepadoodle


Krypto is a smart, fun-loving, and adorable Sheepadoodle who was adopted during the pandemic by Jackie and Kyle. Their 6-year-old son Clarke (the biggest Superman fan who ever was) must have quickly recognized his new pup’s brave and heroic nature, and aptly named him Krypto, after Superdog.


The family was all fast asleep one October evening when Kyle was abruptly awoken by Krypto’s wet tongue licking his face. He ignored Krypto at first, in favour of a solid night of sleep, but Krypto quickly came back with more aggressive licking, pawing, and nudging with his nose. Now awake and suddenly aware that Krypto’s behaviour was very out of character, as he had always been a great night sleeper, he got out of bed. Kyle quickly noticed a warm glow at the side of the house & went to the window to see what was causing it. Bright orange flames were shooting up the side of their house. He ran downstairs and realized that their deck and the side of their house were on fire, with flames now as high as the second story of their house. Jackie and Kyle quickly got their son and Krypto outside. Once safely outside, they called the local fire department.


The local fire chief believed the cause of the fire was from some grease drippings from the BBQ that sparked and smoldered under the deck before igniting. The fire alarm did not go off as the smoke was outside, so if Krypto had not alerted Kyle when he did, the flames would have gotten into the roof and attic and spread quickly through the house. And with the fire only 3 meters from the gas tank, the family got out just in time.


The fire fully destroyed the deck, the exterior house siding was melted, and the brick was charred.


We knew it was only going to be a matter of time before Krypto earned his ranks as a real-life Superhero. It’s with great pleasure that we induct this courageous dog into our Purina Animal Hall of Fame.


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