Your Puppy's First Night

Puppy First Night Hero

Once your puppy arrives home, show him to his potty area and allow him time to stretch his legs. Next, put him inside his crate for some quiet time. There, he’ll have the chance to look around and get to know his surroundings without feeling overwhelmed with new people, other pets and distractions.

It’s best to keep his crate next to your bed for the first week or two. You might want to place a chew toy and/or a familiar-smelling towel or blanket from his first home into his crate too. If possible, hang your arm over the bed so he can lick your fingers or smell your scent until he falls asleep.

In cases where your puppy has to sleep in a room away from you, a night light and a ticking clock or soft music might help him sleep better. Most puppies will need to be taken outside during the night, and again early in the morning.

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